Sustainable materials and products refers to building materials and products that are developed to take into account and support sustainability. Gauge has developed a range of tools and resources related to building material sustainability. These are:

  • Blog: This provides posts on building sustainability and the tools and projects being carried out by Gauge on building sustainability.
  • Sustainable Building Material Index: The Sustainable Building Material Index has been developed  to enable the sustainability assessment of building materials. The tool and methodology enable building materials and products to be assessed in terms of their capability to support sustainability. It supports the integration of sustainability into building materials and products.  
  • Tools and resources: Tools and resources related to urban sustainability developed by Gauge can be provide through access to subscription based portals.

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  1. People will be confused with Energy Efficient building and Green Building Materials even the literate ones. We might take time to make people to really see the difference but one day we will be able to do it dear. Nice read there...keep blogging.