Thursday 6 February 2014

SANEDI Building Energy Consumption Feeds

The graph below is from South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI)'s website. The graph shows energy consumption in kWh per month for SANEDI and for a number of tenants. The coloured energy consumption histogram is clickable and the specific energy consumption attributable to the different tenants can be ascertained.  

The graph easy to understand and should support energy consumption improvements by SANEDI and their tenants. But does it? For instance:
  • Is energy consumption in the building good? 
  • How does this compare to other buildings or to benchmarks?
  • What are the loads that the building is having to cope with, in terms of number of people and operating equipment? Is the building doing well in terms of these?
Additional information on the site would make increase the usefulness of the data and enable the above questions to be answered.  For instance, it would be useful to know the area of the building, the number of people that occupied the building and the operating schedule of the building.

Normalising the building's energy data in to kWh/m2 per year figures and referencing SANS 204 benchmarks, the consumption of similarly sized buildings in the same climatic zone would enable the current energy consumption data to be compared and evaluated. Thus, the provision of a little extra information would make this this energy consumption feed much more interesting and useful. Gauge has been working on reporting format for energy and more information is available here.

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