Sunday 27 April 2014

Sarah Baartman Centre of Remembrance Sustainability

Gauge is the sustainability consultant on the Sarah Baartmann Centre of Remembrance being developed in Hankey in the Eastern Cape. The centre will house a museum, a restaurant, education facilities, accommodation for school groups and gardens.  An image of the project, courtesy of Chris Wilkinson Architects, is provided below.

Gauge has worked with the design team to develop designs and specifications which are responsive to local conditions and climate. The building will have the following sustainability characteristics:
  •  Energy: Passive environmental control strategies including night time cooling, the stack effect, rock beds and cross ventilation are used to maintain comfort without mechanical systems. Low energy fittings linked to smart controls are used to minimise energy consumption. An onsite photovoltaic system generates renewable energy. 
  •  Water: Efficient water fittings are specified. Water for irrigation and flushing of WCs will be sourced from a rain water harvesting system and a local river. 
  •  Materials and products: Where possible, local materials and products have been specified. This includes locally crafted sun shading devices, furniture and fittings.
  • Landscaping: Indigenous vegetation on site will be retained, or rescued and replanted. The landscape has been designed to blend with local vegetation and features and walks into the surrounding hills is encouraged through paths.
  •  Local social and economic impacts: Beneficial social and economic impacts such as jobs, training and SMME support will be created through the design and construction processes.
Sustainability integration processes and progress will be described in future posts, including:

Contractor appointment briefing 

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