Friday 27 October 2017

Water Evaluation and Management (WEM)

The Water Evaluation and Monitoring (WEM) tool is a methodology and tool for monitoring and evaluating water use in buildings. Data from utility and/or council accounts or logged water consumption data are entered into the tool to generate water use reports that can be used to evaluate and monitor water consumption in buildings.

The WEM supports effective water use reporting and monitoring in relation to water use benchmarks, targets, and previous consumption levels. It can also be used to analyze water consumption patterns to identify areas for improvement and evaluate the effectiveness of measures taken to improve water performance. The download includes:

  • Water Evaluation and Monitoring (WEM) Excel tool.
  • Water Evaluation and Monitoring (WEM) Presentation on how to use the tool.
  • Water Evaluation and Monitoring (WEM) Presentations on water use in buildings.

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